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Greiner Bio-One North America, Inc., is a leading manufacturer and seller of plastic products for the fields of biotechnology, blood collection and specimen collection. The high-quality plastic products produced by the employees at Greiner Bio-One are unsurpassed in the healthcare and research fields with an additional emphasis placed on superior customer and technical support. The North American operation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Greiner Bio-One International AG.

Our customers range from small research laboratories at Universities and start-up companies, to the world’s largest hospital and veterinary systems.The product range is comprehensive, including products for blood collection, urine collection, cell/tissue culture, microbiology and much more.

The Bioscience division focuses solely on the sales of the necessary products to perform the most important scientific research occurring today from immunology and microbiology to biobanking and cell culture.

The Preanalytic division provides the products needed to correctly collect and analyze blood and urine specimens under the VACUETTE brand name. Products include high-quality blood collection tubes for both adult and capillary draw, as well as safety needles and sharps are the necessary tools to collection blood and diagnose health issues to ensure the accurate results needed to provide top-notch healthcare.

In addition to supplying commercial products Greiner Bio-One offers Tailor-made Solutions of customized plastic platforms for our customers through our OEM division. We cover our customer needs for product development and production process beginning with the idea to the finished product, i.e. design studies, prototyping and fully automated manufacturing under one roof.

In North America, Greiner Bio-One has exhibited tremendous growth over the past 10 year and we strive to continue this growth to ensure long-term business success for us and our customers.

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